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Today I had the pleasure of finally meeting a new client of mine:  Miss Lauren…the future Mrs. Byrd.  Until this afternoon, we’ve only managed to speak via the internet or telephone.   Today just so happened to be Bridal Portrait day for Miss Lauren, something she originally had no intention of doing at all.  She wanted nothing more than wedding day coverage.  All I can say now is THANK YOU SO MUCH to her grandmother for insisting she do them.  Not only is this girl sweet as sugar and an absolute riot, but she is breathtakingly gorgeous!  She looked like a true princess.  Skipping bridal portraits would, in my opinion, have been a crime.  And aside from being one of the most beautiful brides I have ever laid eyes on, she is so down to earth.  Not to broadcast the obvious age difference between us or anything, but I would totally adopt her!   She is such a doll!

We did her portraits at her wedding venue, Cape Fear Botanical Gardens.  I had no clue this place even existed, but when I walked out the back door to explore the grounds, I felt like Dorothy stepping into bright technicolor Oz for the very first time.  It is a photographers heaven!  I was so incredibly overwhelmed by all of it.  What’s more, we only covered a very small portion of it.  Had it not been insanely hot for the bride in her ginormous wedding gown and me lugging all of my gear on my back, I could’ve stayed out there all day taking pictures of her.

It is killing me that I can’t share her photos with anyone yet.  But I take comfort in knowing her wedding is right around the corner, opening even more possibilities for me and my camera!  I am already overflowing with ideas!

Until then, here is a tiny little peek of the bride wearing the item of clothing that she feels suits her most, her cowboy boots…..

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